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Learning to fly is not just about navigating aircraft through the air. It is also about good airmanship and knowledge of aircraft. We have a structured programme in place to provide all our students with adequate schooling which ensures that every minute in the aeroplane is useful time which in turn means the costs to the student are kept to a minimum.

What draws us to flying and how does it hold our lifelong interest?

Flying ZERO FOUR Flight School Student Pilots come alive when they walk through flying school doors. Their eyes sparkle, their voices rise and their smiles are wide. They are energized in anticipation of the challenges and accomplishments in each flying lesson. Their friends would see them as different people when they are at the airport. The excitement is well founded. Few other sports teach their participants to combine knowledge, skill, experience, coordination, logic, initiative and common sense to succeed in a three-dimensional environment. Students leave the airport with a heighten awareness of their surroundings and their capabilities. The drive home from the airport gives them time to revert to who they were, but after flying, they're never quite the same.

also ...

  • We fly because we can - learning to fly and owning an aircraft is far easier than most realize
  • Flying is the perfect challenge - and the learning never stops
  • Flying brings out the best in one
  • Flying is diverse - from recreational pilots to airline and corporate pilots
  • Aviation is activity - flying is not a passive sport. It takes initiative and energy to operate an airplane.
  • Flying is complete - We can fly for business or pleasure, for a career or a hobby, for relaxation or stimulation, by ourselves or with others and to go somewhere or nowhere

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