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Charter and Scenic Flights - Margate Airport.

Wild Coast Air Provides Private Air Flight Services for people who need to leave Margate on the South Coast in the morning, flying to small, medium or large size towns, staying to transact business, then return to Margate.

Advantages of using the Johannesburg / Margate Service:
- Wild Coast Air can have you halfway to your destination by the time you drive to Durban Airport,
- No searching for a parking spot,
- No checking baggage,
- No removing of keys, cellphone and laptop as you go through security,
- We don't require you to show up 1 hour before departure of your flight

ZERO FOUR Charter Service from Margate Airport We will fly you direct From Margate to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Margate. You can arrange for someone to pick you up when you arrive at your destination or we can make arrangements for a rental car to be waiting for you as you exit our aircraft.

Our pilot will wait for you to finish your business, no matter how long it takes, and return you to Margate Airport.

Air Cargo Charter Flights

Same day air cargo delivery service...

You box it - we fly it!

Do you have a Vendor or Customer in Margate who needs a delivery urgently and cannot afford to waste a single minute getting it there? Does your company come to a standstill while waiting for a part to be delivered?

We can deliver or collect your goods no matter how remote your location can be. We will arrange to have freight shipments delivered directly to a loading area for immediate departure so you or your customer can get what they need in the shortest time possible.

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